The ‘Overthinking’ Mind

Worrying, for some (especially over-thinkers like me), has the potential to become a full-time occupation. The brain chunters away below the surface of whatever else is going on in life, taking in the view, and coming up with the worst possible situation at any given moment. At any given moment, the brain might choose to... Continue Reading →

10 Powerful Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt

Self-doubt can be troubling and somewhat a persuasive voice that holds you back. It holds you back from seizing your opportunities. It makes getting started or finishing things harder than they need to be. Sure, it can sometimes be useful as it helps you to soberly see your current limitations or simply recognise a half-baked... Continue Reading →

February Goals

So after what feels like centuries later we have finallyyyyy reached February! And that means it’s time for some GOAL SETTING. This month for me is going to be a month revolving around productivity and self development. To achieve this, I have decided to have 4 key goals to help me get to a better... Continue Reading →

Body Positivity

How do YOU see your body? Is it a comfortable place to be or is it a shell of who you really are? Deep. I know. But this is something I think of often, how do I see my body. For years, I spent almost all of my time thinking about my body. What I’m... Continue Reading →

Dark Days

‘It could be worse’. That’s what they all say as if it’s supposed to make you feel good that other people are hurting in the world. Okay, yes others may have it worse than you but since when was it a competition? Does this make your suffering less of a problem? Does this minimise the... Continue Reading →

Time to talk about stress

Ok so today I am wanting to raise the issue of stress. Stress affects everyone of us at some point of our lives, some more so than others. But what can we do to minimise it? To me, I struggle incredibly with rationalising my stress levels on a daily basis. Nowadays, it's the stresses of... Continue Reading →

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