Stress Management – Top Tips

Here we are again. It has been a fair few months since I have posted but it has been a must needed break. I have decided that I want to tackle the issue of stress and understand how it affects us in daily life. How do we make this more manageable? How do we get... Continue Reading →

The ‘Overthinking’ Mind

Worrying, for some (especially over-thinkers like me), has the potential to become a full-time occupation. The brain chunters away below the surface of whatever else is going on in life, taking in the view, and coming up with the worst possible situation at any given moment. At any given moment, the brain might choose to... Continue Reading →

March Goals

Before I say a single word guys, I just want to apologise for this post being soooo late. We’re already a week into March and time is just flying by. I am usually incredibly organised I promise, but with me getting into work and trying to put that first, I have struggled to piece this... Continue Reading →

10 Powerful Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt

Self-doubt can be troubling and somewhat a persuasive voice that holds you back. It holds you back from seizing your opportunities. It makes getting started or finishing things harder than they need to be. Sure, it can sometimes be useful as it helps you to soberly see your current limitations or simply recognise a half-baked... Continue Reading →

The Power of the Mind

So today’s post is all about ‘The Power of the Mind’. I’m going to be discussing how powerful the mind is when wanting to achieve your goals and better your successes. I hope you lovelies enjoy! Whatever you desire, you can achieve it using MIND POWER. Basically guys, all physical reality is made up of... Continue Reading →

February Goals

So after what feels like centuries later we have finallyyyyy reached February! And that means it’s time for some GOAL SETTING. This month for me is going to be a month revolving around productivity and self development. To achieve this, I have decided to have 4 key goals to help me get to a better... Continue Reading →

Embracing Me

For so long now I’ve been battling with my inner voice. The one that tells me I’m not good enough, the one that tells me I’m unlovable, that I’m too fat, too ugly and I’m not worth life. I feel like every week it’s something new that my inner saboteur is telling me, trying to... Continue Reading →

“Just one of those nights”

***Trigger Warning*** You just know when it’s one of those nights. The rough kind. But you still lay in the bed, changing positions every few seconds, flipping the pillow to the cooler side every second and kicking your blanket away. You switch the lights on, cover yourself up with the blanket, sit up in the... Continue Reading →

Body Positivity

How do YOU see your body? Is it a comfortable place to be or is it a shell of who you really are? Deep. I know. But this is something I think of often, how do I see my body. For years, I spent almost all of my time thinking about my body. What I’m... Continue Reading →

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