Body Positivity

How do YOU see your body? Is it a comfortable place to be or is it a shell of who you really are? Deep. I know. But this is something I think of often, how do I see my body.

For years, I spent almost all of my time thinking about my body. What I’m feeding it, what I can do to make it better – more lean, stronger, BETTER. I had an obsession with changing everything about my body. I truly hated the way it was.

This is not a before and after story. I’m not going to tell you that I had a magical metanoia and managed to turn into a lean, fit, fighting machine or a beautiful, delicate Audrey Hepburn type. Nope. Not even close.Related image

So what is body positivity? For me, it is about learning to accept and appreciate all body parts and others too. It is about loving what you look like and what your body can actually do. This really does sound like the most difficult thing ever. After all, we have been spending years of our lives yearning for that ‘bikini body’, that perfect body that will someday be ours whether we’re 16, 18, 25, 30…and so on. The dream really does never die. But really, when was the last time you actually looked at your body with true acceptance? Not just…it’s fine apart from my legs, arms, stomach ect. But true, unswerving acceptance. I know I personally have never done this. But I have decided to learn.

So what do the critics say?

  • But how can you be positive about your body when you are fat/obese?
  • You can’t be healthy and fat!
  • But what about the diets that aren’t actually diets – they are lifestyle changes?

Firstly, the body positive movement is about being happy with yourself and loving yourself even if you are fat, thin, old, young whatever. At any stage simply accepting yourself.

Secondly, I believe that body positivity does not promote or encourage obesity or fatness but simply encourages people to have self-worth no matter what size you are. What about flipping the coin to being unhealthy and thin? That means that I could work out and eat healthy foods but be technically overweight. BMI LIES!

And seriously, diets that claim to be just ‘lifestyle changes’ are still …diets. If you are eating by a certain plan to lose weight then YES you are dieting. I have tried every diet under the sun, have been drawn in to ‘lifestyle changes’ that claim to fix your relationship with food but every time I have gained the weight back because I was unable to keep up the ‘lifestyle’. I blamed that on myself for years… thought I was simply weak. But in reality, every company that claims to fix your weight is actually to blame, because they would never make money without you needing to KEEP fixing your weight.

In conclusion, this may be one of my most opinionated blog posts to date, but it is simply what I’ve been learning over the last year. The body positive movement has worked as a motivator for me to recover and to learn how to accept myself. It’s still taking time, but I am slowly gaining confidence and am more comfortable in my skin than I ever used to be. I’m not claiming to be perfect but that’s exactly the point, I am not perfect. I am just me.

So yeah, thanks to family and friends for helping me think outside the box. Body positivity is a functional lifestyle and I guess I am living proof.

Much love x


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